Contract Labour

Contract Labour / Third Party Payroll


  • Cost Effective
  • Minimal Industrial Disputes
  • Unionised Workers
  • Immediate Action
  • Termination of Contract as and when required
  • Withdrawal of services as per need
  • No Indiscipline
  • Avail Specialized or Seasonal Help
  • Lower Exposure to Legal Action
  • Employer Satisfaction
  • No tax implications

Contract Labour Act

  • Interview with interested contractors to find out their nature in the light of law and their previous experience and credentials.
  • To obtain Contract Labour license from concerned authority for the principal employer.
  • To obtain Contract Labour license from concerned authority for contractor.
  • To maintain statutory returns under the Contract Labour license.
  • Appointment letter to contract employees deployed by contractor.
  • Maintaining of Contract Labour records of employees for the principal employer under statutory requirement namely PF, ESIC, etc.
  • Renewal of Contract Labour license when needed.
  • To conduct statutory audit of contractors in the light of labour enactments.
  • To draw up an agreement between the principal employer and the contractor.

+ Operational & Stationary Charges + GST***